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Classic literature has been added to Sony eReaders!

Lambton County Library's Sony eReaders are now pre-loaded with some of the best literature the world has to offer.  These classic books, available in the public domain, have been sorted on the eReaders into different categories according to genre and country of origin. Over 2000 titles have been added, with over 250 titles in different languages including French, Dutch, Greek, German, Chinese, Tagalog, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Polish.

Categories and Indexes: Each eReader has been designated as one of two categories: (Click on the category for a full listing of Collections)

Indexes are available as follows:

Using the eReaders:

  • Once the device is turned on, tap on "Bookshelves" if you are using a PRS-T2 or PRS-T3 (located at the bottom left corner of the screen), or "Collections" if you are using a PRS-T1 (located in the bottom right corner of the screen)--the device type is written on the lid of the container.
  • For PRS-T2 and T3 users, make sure you are looking at the collections bookshelf by looking at the top left corner of the screen. If it says "collections" do not change anything, but if it says "books" or "evernote" tap on the arrow beside the word and select "collections" from the pop-up menu.
  • Use the collections on the device to browse by category, or use the indexes available online to browse by author. Each index entry lists the categories in which the book can be found on the device.
  • Simply find the book you would like to read, search for the book in the corresponding categories on the eReader, tap on the book, and read!

Tips and Tricks

  • Some of the larger books are separated into multiple volumes; pay close attention to the order in which you read these volumes
  • Some books are found in multiple categories; take a look at the book's index entry on the master index in order to see each genre the book falls under; this will give you the clearest idea of what type of book it is
  • The "default collection" on the T2s and T3s contain all of the books that are available on the other device type (i.e. Adult book are available on Children's/Other languages devices and vice versa); on the T1s these additional books can be found by tapping "books" instead of "collections" on the home page