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Tools and Resources

The Makerspace provides access to a wide range of tools and resources. Any member of the public can use the tools and resources as long as they have a valid Lambton County Library card

PLEASE NOTE: Some equipment requires attendance at a workshop before it can be used independently.

For the most part, the tools and resources found in The Makerspace carry no significant safety considerations.  However, certain pieces of equipment (including laser cutter, sewing machines, soldering irons, vinyl cutter, 3D printers, DVD-VHS converter) require safety training.  Users will also be required to follow safe operating procedures at all times.  Further, all users will be required to read and agree to follow The Makerspace Maker Agreement in order to ensure that all users understand and follow the established safety procedures.

Laser Cutter

This Epilog Laser Mini 18 machine uses a thin, 30 watt beam of CO2 laser light to cut and engrave a versatile array of materials, such as wood, acryclic, rubber, plastic. The red dot pointer helps you position your projects perfectly on the cutting table.

Sewing Machine

This Janome Model 5060 QDC computerized sewing machine is ideal for beginners and advanced users alike, and comes pre-programmed with 24 different types of stitches and a computerized screen that allows you to easily select your own stitching.

3D Printer

This Lulzbot 3D printer features a heated print bed with auto-leveling to make 3D printing accessible to everyone. The LulzBot Mini is built on open source hardware and works with a wide variety of printing software.

Vinyl Cutter

The Silhouette Cameo is an electronic cutting machine that can cut a versatile array of materials, such as paper, vinyl, cardstock, fabric, heat transfer material, and more.

Combo DVD Recorder

Transfer your old VHS cassettes to DVD with this machine for free.

Book Binder

Use this Fastback Model 20 Tape Binding System machine to securely bind your own books with heated tape.  The binder will bind books up to 350 sheets thick.  The machine automatically counts the number of pages and directs you to use the appropriate binding strip.

Button Maker

Use this machine to make 2 ΒΌ" inch buttons and magnets with a few quick presses of a lever. 


Solar powered robots, robots made of LEGO, robots you can drive with a tablet, robots that can follow any line you draw, robots that roll:  the library has all kind of amazing robots!  From Ozobot to Sphero, to Lego Mindstorms to Dash and Dot, come out and try your hand at mastering the secrets of robotic technology during a library program!  Learn their language and command them to navigate obstacles, respond to colour, light, sound, and more!  Please contact the Sarnia Library for details about robotics programming.