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Every Child Ready to Read - Writing

Reading and writing go together. Both represent spoken language and communicate information. Children can learn pre-reading skills through writing activities

purple-bullet spacer Writing begins with scribbles and other marks. Encourage this by providing many opportunities to draw and write.
purple-bullet Children can “sign” their name to drawings, which helps them understand that print represents words. As they practice eye-hand coordination and develop their hand muscles, children can begin to write the letters in their names.
purple-bullet Talk to your children about what they draw, and write captions or stories together. This helps make a connection between spoken and printed language.
purple-bullet Make a book of your child’s favourite words. Or make a word jar. Write new words on slips of paper and collect them in a jar. Ask your child if some of the words “belong together” and group them. For example, group the names of the animals, people, places, feelings, etc.

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