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Makerspace 3D Printer


About Makerspace Programs and Workshops


Who do I call for more information or if I have an idea about a workshop?

If you have an idea about a workshop, let us know and we'll add it to our idea wall--your idea might get picked when we plan the next round of programs.  

Email or call the following:

  • Makerspace at the Sarnia Library - call 519-337-3291 
  • Mobile Makerspace - call 519-845-3324


Why is nothing showing up on the program feed?

When program events are not coming up, it means programming has not been currently planned.   If you are interested in a workshop that does not have current programming , please call 519-337-3291.

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Programs and Workshops: (click on the links below to see upcoming programs.  Note: feeds may take a few seconds to load)

Laser Cutter / Sewing  / 3D Printer  / Die-Cutter  / Book Binder  Button Maker  /
Combo DVD Recorder / Robotics / Mobile Makerspace Equip Sched.

 Note: Pre-registration is required for all programs by contacting the following:
  • Makerspace @ Sarnia - call 519-337-3291 
  • Mobile Makerspace - call the branch library to register

3D Printer - This Lulzbot 3D printer features a heated print bed with auto-leveling to make 3D printing accessible to everyone. The LulzBot Mini is built on open source hardware and works with a wide variety of printing software.   3D Printer Video 3d printer