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Summer Reading Program 2019

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Summer is here, and that means it's time to get outside, play and explore nature with Lambton County Library's summer reading program.

Kid's Summer Reading Program

Visit the library to register for the summer reading program and claim your free summer reading notebook, stickers, and a packet of sunflower seeds for you to plant and grow over the summer.

 Get a sticker for every book that you read, ballots for prize draws, and certificates for your reading all summer long!  Keep reading all through the summer for more chances to win toys and prize bags loaded with fun summer prizes!

And that's not all - come to the library to get up close with animals with Peggy from Heaven's Wildlife Rescue, learn about our local wildlife with the St. Clair and Ausable Bay Conservation Authorities, explore fossils with Bob, and experience a variety of amazing puppet shows with Adam Proulx, the Family Counselling Centre, and Puppets on the Go.

Visit your local branch for more information on our free programming for kids of all ages, or click here http://bit.ly/2X7euEL

There's so much to see and do this summer at Lambton County Library - let's experience nature together this summer!

Teen Summer Reading Program 

Visit the library once a day and pick up a scratch ticket for a chance to win a chocolate bar and be entered into a draw for one of two $50 gift certificates and a "Going Green" prize pack.  Every scratch ticket you collect is a ballot for the prize draw and a chance to win a chocolate bar!

While you're at the library, check out some of our great summer reads and programs for teens. http://bit.ly/2LffyPO

It's All Write contest 

Let your creativity free this summer with our It's All Write contest.  Write a short story based on the Wharf Rats image below.  Your story has to be a minimum of three pages and a maximum of three pages, either single or double spaced.  Submissions open on July 2nd - the winners will be able to attend an award ceremony and will receive a copy of all the stories in a book format, as well as a trophy.  The contest is open to the following age categories: 9 -10, 11-12, 12-18 http://mylcl.ca/iaw/ 

Sarnia Wharf Rats

 Adult Summer Reading Program

Adults too can explore and expand their knowledge of the natural world this summer for your chance to win a Lambton County Experience!

While you're at the library, check out some of our great summer reads and programs for adults and earn ballots for your chance to win a prize. http://bit.ly/2NdwicT



Here is how you can earn ballots:

• Adults, 18 and over, may enter one ballot per library visit.

• Visit Lambton Heritage Museum and the Oil Museum of Canada. One ballot per museum visit.

• Participate in online quizzes and trivia on Lambton County Library’s Facebook page.

• Participate in library programs. Visit Lambton County Library’s website for program information.

• Winning ballots will be drawn on August 27.

Adult Summer Reading Program Prizes:

Region 1

(Sarnia Library)

• Stones 'N Bones Museum - Adult Admission Passes x2

• Stones 'N Bones Museum - Gift Shop Certificate

• Alternate Grounds Dockside - Gift Certificate

Region 2

(Grand Bend, Port Franks, Thedford, Arkona, Forest, and Watford Library)

• Forest Fall Fair - Weekend Admission Passes x2

• Twin Pines Orchards - Gift Certificate (Tasting, Pick-your-own, Event, or Store)

Region 3

(Petrolia, Oil Springs, Inwood, Alvinston, Florence,  and Shetland Library)

• Guild Chocolates - Tasting experience gift certificate (History of Afternoon Tea, Experience Chocolate, History of Chocolate, Titanic's Final Desserts)

Region 4

(Corunna, Mooretown, Courtright, Brigden, Wilkesport, Sombra, Port Lambton Library)

• Bridgen Fair - Weekend Admission x2

• Rum Runners - Gift Certificate

Region 5

(Mallroad, Bright's Grove, Wyoming, Camlachie, and Point Edward Library)

• Purdy's Dockside Eatery - Gift Certificate (Can be used at the eatery and in the shop; valid for both Point Edward and Grand Bend locations)

• Zekveld's - U-pick Gifter Certificate


Take our online quiz to find out how much you know about Lambton County's landscapes! http://bit.ly/2LmBWHO